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Throughout the world, believers experience the call of God to respond together in times of local, regional or national crisis. Indigenous churches and believing communities best understand the needs and the cultural context of their own people. It is often the churches that offer the most effective and sustained effort in response to human suffering. We are called to stand with our overseas partners and respond to their requests for assistance as they reach out to serve their neighbors. This is part of our enduring witness to Christ's love worldwide.


Africa Disaster Responses





Cyclones Idai and Kenneth

Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe
Women wade in the water carrying supplies on their heads

Malawi Flooding and Food Crisis

A woman carries her tarp early in the morning in a camp for over 5,000 internally displaced persons in an Episcopal Church compound in Wau, South Sudan. Most of the families here were displaced by violence early in 2017, after a larger number took refuge in other church sites when widespread armed conflict engulfed Wau in June 2016. Most of the people in this camp have no shelter, and use a tarp or mats to lay on the ground at night.

South Sudan

South Sudan

Asia Disaster Responses

Indonesia Tsunami


Kerala Floods

Nepal earthquake damage



Europe Disaster Responses

No response right now.

Latin America Disaster Responses



St. Vincent Volcano Eruption

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Hurricane Iota

Central America

Hurricane Eta

Nicaragua, Honduras, San Salvador

Hurricane Laura

Haiti, Dominican Republic and the U.S.

Hurricane Dorian


Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Caribbean and the U.S.
A girl walks on a street damaged in hurricane Matthew, in Jeremie, in western Haiti, on October 7, 2016. The full scale of the devastation in hurricane-hit rural Haiti became clear as the death toll surged over 400, three days after Hurricane Matthew leveled huge swaths of the country's south.

Hurricane Matthew Response

Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States

Middle East Disaster Responses

Beirut Explosion






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