Nepal earthquake damage

"I'm still afraid", says 10-years-old Sasmita Susmitalopchan. He is sharing his temporary shelter with seven other families.


Just a little more than two weeks after thousands of people died in the massive earthquake that struck on April 25, a second earthquake hit Nepal. The second earthquake measuring 7.4 struck north-east of Kathmandu on May 12, 2015.At least 64 people were killed and 2,000 people injured. This figure is likely to keep rising as rescue services gain access to those affected. The quake has caused an increase in landslides in many areas of the previously affected districts. Houses and buildings that were partially damaged from the previous earthquake have now collapsed, and damage to areas that had sustained little or no damage from the first earthquake is now being reported.

PDA Response

PDA is partnering with local grassroots organizations in Nepal that are staffed by Nepalis. Our partners, Together for Nepal and Juneli Nepal, are working in very remote areas where the needs are great. Projects for clean water, livelihood restoration and training, hygiene kits, school computers and more have been funded by PDA since 2015. 

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