Health screenings in Dzemeni — EPCG

Following periods of heavy rainfall during the 2023 rainy season in Ghana, two dams needed to expel excess water to salvage the dams from collapsing. Consequently, the release of excess water from the dams triggered widespread flooding along the downstream banks of the lower Volta River affecting residents in the Keta municipality, South Dayi District, South, Central, and North Tongu Districts of the Volta Region. The worst affected communities and most impacted by the flooding included Mepe, Battor, Sogakofe, Tefle, Mafi, Adidome, Dzemeni and others. The Ghana National Disaster Organization (NADMO) indicated that more than 26,000 individuals were displaced losing homes, possessions and livelihoods. 

PDA has partnered with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana (EPCG) to support 6,000 survivors. Grant activities include the distribution of relief items, health screenings and psychological support. Relief items include but are not limited to: cereals and grains, water, clothing, tin fish, milo, cooking oil, mattresses, tomato paste, menstrual products, mosquito coils, hygiene items and other toiletries. 




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