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It is with the service of thousands of volunteers that hope continues to be borne out of the chaos of disasters.  PDA is thankful to be part of a ministry with so many individuals and groups involved in serving. 

Volunteers serve with PDA in a variety of capacities and commitment levels.  Learn about various ways to volunteer with PDA, the commitment requirements, and how you can get involved. 


U.S. Volunteers

Volunteer work teams 

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Work teams or groups of volunteers (3+) help families and communities in the U.S. as they clean up and rebuild following a disaster. Skilled labor, willing hands, and listening hearts are needed.


Congregations can be a part of helping PDA in U.S. disaster response by offering their facilities as a Presbyterian Volunteer Host Site. Presbyterian Volunteer Host Sites are guided by a spirit of Christ-like cooperation among congregations, mid-councils, partners, the Presbyterian Mission Agency, and volunteer work teams.

Another way congregations can help is by serving as a way station or wayside ­­– a place where volunteer work teams can stop a rest while they travel to or from a Presbyterian Volunteer Host Site.

If your church is willing to serve in either of these capacities, please contact the PDA Call Center or call (866) 732-6121.

Presbyterian Women (PW)/PDA collaboration for disaster preparedness

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Presbyterian Women (PW) are working together to help congregations and mid-council be prepared for responding to disasters within their community by training PWs to become Disaster Preparedness Trainers within their presbytery.

Learn more about the PDA/PW collaboration and how to apply.

National Response Team (NRT) and National Volunteer Team (NVT)

NRT members represent PDA and the PC(USA) in the field following a national disaster. They provide support to presbyteries and synods as they assess the impact of the disaster on the church and community.  

National Volunteers have experience in long-term recovery, volunteer management and disaster recovery organizing. Those with specific disaster-related expertise may be asked to represent PDA at meetings in their area of expertise. 

Learn more about the NRT and NVT and how to apply.

International Volunteers

PDA does not promote volunteers serving in international disaster situations. Relief work is a profession that demands highly trained and experienced individuals who can work effectively in exceptionally difficult conditions for long periods of time. If, however, you feel you possess the skills required to be of help, we encourage you to visit the USAID Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) web site and register your interest. 

Special Assignments


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