volunteer team wearing blue tshirts

Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church has been active in volunteering with PDA participating in 11 trips in ten years. — Lorraine Paffenroth

The first Sunday in Lent every year is designated “Wear your blue t-shirt to church Sunday” as a testament of one of the ways One Great Hour of Sharing makes a difference.

Participate by sending your Blue Shirt Selfies to us at pda@pcusa.org!

Will you be a part of this joyful manifestation of hope?  Share this message on your personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets. Help us remind others that gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing support disaster recovery efforts in the United States and around the world.

Please take a photo of your Blue Out creativity! Send it to pda@pcusa.org so we can share with others.

Together let’s tell the story of hope out of chaos. 

The Blue Shirt Ministry from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on Vimeo.




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