This appreciation for PDA volunteers who helped the community of Joplin, Missouri, in its recovery is from Thomas Corley, Director of Rebuild   

"In early 2014, Rebuild Joplin recognized that this would be the last year which our organization would need to operate in Joplin. Our AmeriCorps members and volunteers surveyed the community, and it was clear that the majority of the recovery work had been completed. Throughout the year, and with the help of hundreds of Presbyterian volunteers, we worked to complete the final projects. In December, we drove the last nail into a home, and closed down our operations. 

"Here's a video made, looking back, [about 5 minutes]

"Along the way, PDA volunteers were with us. From early 2012 to late 2014, PDA provided volunteer with a true heart to serve, an elevated construction expertise, and a selflessness that is hard to come by nowadays.

"Today, Rebuild Joplin lives on in Rockaway, NY. We've paid forward the lessons learned in Joplin (along with some of our tools and work trucks!) to inspire additional recovery in this Sandy-impacted community."

Watch "Rebuild Joplin Finale" or download it from vimeo.

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