As we watch the images and begin to receive news about the aftermath of the 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake that hit near the border between Syria and Turkey, we invite you to join us in prayer for all the communities impacted by this disaster. PDA has already reached out to our partners in the areas affected by the earthquakes. Along with our prayers, we have offered our support and will be providing initial grants to attend to immediate unmet needs. To support our response, designate gifts to DR999999.

God of mercy, we join in prayer for our siblings in Syria and Turkey, and all other regions affected. In the face of the terrible images that come to us, we ask that your Spirit, O God, once again move in the midst of chaos and destruction. 
May your Spirit be with the first responders, neighbors putting their lives at risk to help those around them, and anyone assisting during this time of emergency. May you provide protection, energy and strength through your presence. Be with them as they search for loved ones, guide them during the long hours and allow them to find hope through your Spirit.
Dear God, as the days go by, provide wisdom and discernment to the local government agencies. May they be instruments of your grace as they care for the people affected. That they may receive help and support from countries near and far, and that, as they provide assistance, may there be enough for everyone.
As the stories are shared, and the recovery process begins, may your Spirit be with those who will be called to listen and to be agents of peace and hope. 
Dear God, be with those
who weep,
who are angry,
who have lost hope,
who mourn out loud and in silence,
who don’t know what the future will bring.
May the prayers of your children rise to you.
May they feel your presence and comfort in the embrace of a stranger,
your love in the care of their neighbors and loved ones,
your grace in every word and every silence,
and may your Spirit mourn with them and bring healing.
We pray that you may guide us as we look for ways to share your compassion and hope with those who suffer. That we may be ambassadors of your peace, your mercy, and your abundant love.
Through Jesus, who weeps with those who weep and heals every heart, amen.


-Rev. Edwin González-Castillo, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance


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