Volunteer work teams serve in a variety of disaster response locations around the United States. This litany may be used along with prayers of the sending congregation before the team’s departure.

This litany prints 2 per page, to fit inside a bulletin.

Litany of Commitment for Work Teams

Leader: In accepting the charge to be a Volunteer in this Disaster Response Work Team, have you been persuaded by love of God and a sincere desire to promote God's glory in the gospel for Jesus Christ?

Volunteer: I have been so persuaded.

Leader: Do you accept this task, pledging your faithfulness in service and opening your heart for the enrichment which others may share with you?

Volunteer: I do so pledge.

Leader: Do you commit yourself as a partner in obedience to the Christ of the one church and with other Christians, confident that we are all sisters and brothers of the One Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Volunteer: I do so commit myself.

Leader: In humble reliance upon divine grace, do you promise to be faithful and diligent in all you do, to be an example of Christian love, and to serve in hearty cooperation with your colleagues in mission and ministry?

Volunteer: I do so promise, relying on God's grace.

Leader: Members of this church, will you open your hearts to the ministry of these volunteers and pray for them as servants of Christ?

Congregation: Yes, we will with God's help.


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