Updated as of April, 2021


PDA has been offering virtual Emotional and Spiritual Care programs since the COVID pandemic began a year ago.  As most congregations are experiencing or planning in-person worship and other gatherings, the content and discussions in our virtual offerings are shifting to address post-quarantine blessings and challenges for faith leaders and the need for hope in the midst of lament and grief.  Our programs also are responsive to the recent and ongoing challenges posed by tornadoes, flooding, and other natural disasters as well as continuing issues of racial justice, the tragedy of mass shootings and other human caused disasters. In all of our virtual programs, PDA team members facilitate and offer materials on maintaining self-care and building personal resilience through relationships, story telling and spiritual practices. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and wisdom with one another.

Please contact Kathy Riley, PDA national staff and Team Lead for Emotional and Spiritual Care at Kathryn.Riley@pcusa.org for more information or to schedule a program. Our programs are open to teaching elders, ruling elders, deacons and other congregational members. We also offer our programs to non- faith based organizations.

Faith Leader Support Discussions

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is continuing to offer virtual, conversational meetings that are tailored to the participants’ situation, and we are now offering a 60 or 90-minute option. A panel of PDA presenters offers opportunities for reflection and tools for self-care and resilience and responds to questions and comments from faith leaders. The 90 -minute program includes opportunities for small-group breakout conversations. 

Resilience & Renewal: A Three-Hour Virtual Retreat

This three-hour virtual retreat is designed to give faith leaders and all who serve others a chance to take a breath and a break in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer this program to pastors and separately, to groups of ruling elders and other congregational leaders. Participants experience essential healing and resilience-building tools, including story telling, strengthening positive connections with others, and spiritual practices. This retreat, grounded in relaxation and self-care techniques, provides an opportunity to experience a time of respite. 

Building Resilience 

We offer this 60 or 90- minute Building Resilience program to groups, or the recorded version can be viewed at any time. Members of PDA teach in-the-moment tools to engage the relaxation response in body and mind and engage participants in creating a personalized self- care and resilience-building plan, with attention to the particular issues facing faith leaders.  The 90-minute version offers participants time to share their experiences and helpful practices.

View/download the webinar recording for faith leaders: ENGLISH | SPANISH or general audiences View/download the webinar recording.

 Anyone wishing to view these webinars should also download and print out the accompanying handout (ENGLISH | SPANISH), which participants will use as they participate in the webinar.


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