Coast Guardsmen conduct rescue operations in Jacksonville, Florida, Sept. 11, 2017 — Photo by US Coast Guard

On Wednesday September 6th, the Category 5 Irma, packing winds of 185 mph, tore through the northern Lesser Antilles and Virgin Islands, as well as Puerto Rico. PDA has been in constant communication with communities in its path.

PDA has been in touch with the leadership of the Synod of Boriquen (Puerto Rico) and the Presbyteries of San Juan, Noroeste (Northwest) and Suroeste (Southwest) to share contact information and grant information.

PDA is also in touch with the Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network (FLAPDAN), which is a mutually agreed upon partnership between six presbyteries in Florida. This is a unique platform in which PDA can relate to all six presbyteries at once for disaster situational awareness.

PDA is also responding in Cuba and the US Virgin Islands. 

Hurricane Maria

PDA is remaining in constant contact with PCUSA leadership in Puerto Rico. Over $200,000 in emergency grants has been disbursed to the presbyteries in Puerto Rico. National Response Team members have been deployed to all three presbyteries.  We anticipate there will an opportunity for long-term volunteers to help with the recovery. 

Gifts can be designated to DR000194-Irma or DR000194-Maria. Click HERE to give online, and click HERE for other giving information (e.g. where to mail checks, tax ID number and how to give via phone). To designate donations to a certain area (e.g. Puerto Rico), you can do so by writing it after the DR code on the memo line of a check, or in the note section of the online giving form.

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Telling the Story of Hope

In PDA, we see the love of Christ at work through the actions of volunteer work teams, through the ministry of those offering hospitality and helping their communities to recover, and in the lives of survivors. Those who participate in disaster recovery ministry tell their stories as a witness to God’s transformational power. Read
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