Luke Asikoye
Associate for International Disaster Response 
(800) 728-7228, x5837

Luke manages PDA’s financial and program responses to international disasters, providing initial assessments, working with partners to design and develop program proposals, and providing ongoing monitoring of program implementation.

David Barnhart 
Associate for Story Ministry

David is a producer and director for PDA video production. He produces, directs, and promotes documentaries for PDA for the purpose of tracking and sharing stories of disaster relief and recovery. He also develops and facilitates PDA Story Ministry initiatives with survivors and their communities that educate the public about the continuum of disaster preparedness, disaster, and disaster recovery.

Associate for National Disaster Response
(502) 569-5036
Jim trains, recruits, coordinates and manages the PDA National Response Team. He works with middle governing bodies to enable response to disasters in their area and tracks our national responses. He is responsible for decision making around where we respond and at what financial level. Working with middle governing bodies, congregations, National VOAD partners and other organizations, he helps to establish and offer consultation about the operation of Presbyterian Volunteer Villages where volunteer work teams can be hosted as they help rebuild disaster-affected communities. Jim also oversees PDA equipment and operations at the PDA National Call Center/Warehouse.

(800) 728-7228 x5840

Laurie manages the staff and programs of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, overseeing domestic and international response initiatives.  She appreciates the opportunity to serve as the "face" of PDA, interpreting our mission in churches, presbyteries and synods; and teaching, developing curriculum, and writing for various publications. She leads and supports collaborative efforts with neighboring ministry areas within the PC(USA) and among our ecumenical and interfaith partners in disaster response.

Laurie is a certified Compassion Fatigue Professional and has additional certification and expertise with the International Critical Stress Foundation and in training response to Public Violence events.  Her 30 years of pastoral experience includes doctoral work and graduate level teaching, both in the theology and practice of ministry in disaster, and in multicultural ministry practice.  

Susan Krehbiel
Associate for Refugees & Asylum
Susan works part-time as the Catalyst for Refugees and Asylum to coordinate PC(USA) humanitarian response and advocacy on behalf of refugees, asylum seekers and other forced migrants.  She coordinates PDA assistance and technical support to mid-councils and local task forces to equip congregations in their respective ministries.  She also works with other PC(USA) ministries and with ecumenical and interfaith partners to expand our capacity to serve refugees and other vulnerable migrants.  

Dayna Oliver
Associate for International Program Administration
(800) 728-7228, x8700
Dana assists with the international disaster responses of PDA, primarily walking with partners through the grants process and tracking fund allocation and reporting. She helps to provide communication with partners and to interpret the international work of PDA more widely.

Eden Roberts 
Mission Specialist for Hosting and Volunteer Management 
(866) 732-6121

Eden provides coordination between PDA-related volunteer hosting sites and prospective volunteer work teams; manages the toll-free PDA Call Center number and is the PDA point of contact for teams who would like to explore and/or schedule PDA short term mission opportunities; helps manage distribution of PDA materials located at the Ferncliff Disaster Assistance Center.

Mission Specialist
(800) 728-7228 x5326

Becca provides support for PDA staff, volunteers and contract staff, provides support in the organizing, preparation and implementation of training events and gatherings, tracks volunteer activity and maintains such records as requested.

Beth Snyder 
Associate for Program Administration 
(800) 728-7228, x5806
Beth provides support to the coordinator and associates in oversight of the administration of PDA program, including networking, partnerships, correspondence, budgets, finances, fund allocation and reporting. Provides support for hospitality and contract staff and volunteers who work with presbyteries and congregations. When requested, manages projects and programs of PDA including tracking payments, monitoring and securing reports from the grant recipients and reviewing reports from volunteers working on field projects.

Cameron Stevens
Associate for Constituent Relations and Outreach

(800) 728-7228, x5839
Cameron manages constituent relations and outreach for PDA. She manages PDA's social media and website and is the go-to person for general PDA questions. 



PDA Advisory Committee

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is guided in its policy making, strategic planning, and program development by an advisory committee of seven members elected by the General Assembly. Committee members possess a variety of skills, knowledge and experience and are considered an integral part of the program.

The term of service on the PDA Advisory Committee is normally two or three years and the commitment is to attend two meetings per year and to be available by conference call between meetings.

We are always seeking persons with special skills and knowledge in the areas of communication/public relations, financial management, and information systems management. Prior experience in disaster response and international relief ministries is very helpful.

Member selections are made through the General Assembly Nominating Committee process. If you are interested in being on the PDA Advisory Committee, please contact Valerie Small.


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