Part of Monmouth Presbytery, some of Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church’s members went to help rebuild in Texas following Hurricane Ike.  Until last year, they didn’t think the need for rebuilding assistance would ever hit so close to home.

When Hurricane Sandy left its mark in New Jersey, approximately ten percent of the membership lost their homes, and another 20 percent had significant damage.  Almost seven months after Sandy struck, some are still staying in motels or with friends and are eager to get back home. 

Even though they are part of the affected community, Point Pleasant is reaching out to share the tangible love of Christ with their neighbors. The church is serving as a Presbyterian Volunteer Village in New Jersey.  

Roberta Updegraff and Leslie Santee visited New Jersey and New York, to help share the story of disaster recovery mission in progress.   In the video about the ministry at Point Pleasant, you will hear from Joan, a member still displaced, who comes to help prepare food for volunteer work teams who will be reconstructing homes in the community; from volunteers who have come to offer assistance; and from those leading the response.

Peter Farwell, the disaster response coordinator for the Hurricane Sandy response at Point Pleasant, says “The storm is going to happen, but how we’re going to respond to that is managed through our faith.” 

Rev. Carl Wilton, pastor of the congregation, speaks about the long term process of recovery and shares how the PDA tagline “Out of chaos, Hope” has special meaning.

Watch the video to learn how volunteers are helping “restore the shore” in New Jersey.

Watch or download "PDA/Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church at work in New Jersey" from the PDA Vimeo page.

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