Forest wildfire

Forest wildfire — FEMA/ Jana Baldwin


The Western U.S. is experiencing several wildfires and is at risk of more.

Border 3 Fire in San Diego County started on June 19th resulted in the mandatory evacuation of Petreros, CA which contains about 200 homes and 400 people, according to a report from FEMA. 

The Saddle Fire started on June 13th in and around Pine Valley, UT. 100 people are under mandatory evacuation and 350 acres of federal land has burned and is threatening state and private land. 0% contained.

The San Gabriel Complex Fire started on June 20th in Los Angeles County, CA. 1,200 people are under mandatory evacuations and 600 under voluntary evacuations. 5,400 acres have burned and 10% has been contained. A water storage/distribution tank is threatened.

 The Dog Head Fire in Torrance County, NM has resulted in almost 18,000 acres burned and is 61% contained. The governor declared a State of Emergency for two counties, however evacuations have been lifted. 

PDA Response

PDA has reached out to the Presbyteries of Los Ranchos, San Fernando, San Diego, San Gabriel, The Pacific, Santa Fe, Utah and San Joaquin to offer our assistance. As of July 6th, deployments to the Presbyteries of San Diego and San Joaquin have been issued. Further deployments to other affected presbyteries will be issued as we receive invitations.



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In PDA, we see the love of Christ at work through the actions of volunteer work teams, through the ministry of those offering hospitality and helping their communities to recover, and in the lives of survivors. Those who participate in disaster recovery ministry tell their stories as a witness to God’s transformational power. Read
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