Host Site Coordinator: Kristy Kulberg 

Contact: 252-571-5663


Address: 2011 Old Cherry Point Rd. New Bern, NC 28560

Presbytery: Presbytery of New Hope

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Work Partner: Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance (CCDRA)

Disaster: Hurricanes Matthew and Florence

 Cost: $25 per person per night 

Sleeping Accommodations: The renovated Volunteer Village has rooms that have been fitted with several sets of bunk beds. Additionally, there is a “snorer’s” bedroom with one bunk bed. During high volume cots may be set up in other areas. Volunteers are expected to bring their own pillows. Linens and blankets are provided, however you are welcome to bring your own if that makes you more comfortable.

Shower: 9 showers, several bathrooms, and laundry facilities are provided. There are two ADA accessible bathrooms. Please bring your own towels.

Kitchen: There are two fully equipped kitchens that guests may use to prepare meals during their stay. 

Other Amenities: 

  • Tempur-Pedic Twin XL Mattresses: for the best night’s sleep you could want while volunteering. 
  • Beach: There is beach access 45 minutes from the host site for groups to enjoy during their stay. 


About the Church: On November 18, 1945 the Neuse Forest Presbyterian Church was organized with 76 charter members. During its 74 year history, it has produced 13 ordained ministers, as well as numerous civic leaders, teachers, doctors, and other community leaders, while continuing to serve a primarily blue collar congregation. At its largest, average worship attendance was about 175. Currently, the membership is very small. Recognizing the need for volunteer housing after the increasing number of natural disasters in the area, and in the long tradition of service, the members of this congregation, along with New Hope Presbytery (the regional governing body of the PCUSA), decided to dedicate the “Education Building” to this new purpose, sure in the knowledge that all who stay within its walls, as well as all who are touched by the work done by the volunteers, will be blessed by God through the use of this building.

About the Disaster: Hurricane Florence and the attendant flooding decimated the central North Carolina Coast. We are a land replete with water. Numerous rivers, large creeks, ponds, and marshes dot the land, and while this makes our home beautiful to the eye, we are prone to flooding. Because of the mechanics of the storm, Hurricane Florence pushed tidal waters upstream, causing flooding at historic levels. Areas that had never flooded before were under feet of water. One local businessman stated that in the New Bern area alone, there were more than 4,200 homes and over 1,500 businesses flooded. The flooding extended through a number of counties, and over a hundred miles inland due to the water being pushed up the rivers and heavy rains. As of this writing, three years after the storm, numerous families still have roof damage, have no floors, or are displaced because they do not have the resources to repair damaged homes. FEMA estimates that recovery efforts will take 5 years or more.

To learn more about our PDA Host Site or to schedule a time to volunteer, contact Kristy Kulberg at or 252-571-5663. 

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