children walking near tents

Syrian refugees in Iraq — Sarah Malian, Christian Aid/ACT

Situation Overview

Violence spread rapidly as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) began to take over portions of northern and western Iraq in August 2014. As many as a million people are displaced, fleeing Mosul and other cities.

Iraq was already responding to the ongoing crisis where almost 220,000 Syrian refugees had sought refuge in the same region.

As the years go on, our partners in Iraq have ongoing needs for assistance. In the wake of the bombing on July 3, 2016 that killed more than 200 individuals, we are reminded of the need for support and encouragement of our brothers and sisters in Iraq.

Our Response

PDA is supporting our partner The National Evangelical Protestant Church of Iraq in providing food, water, clothing, fuel, hygiene items, and bedding to those most in need and in helping those who are displaced to find housing and employment.

PDA will also respond in cooperation with and as a member of ACT Alliance, which has been working in informal camps to provide hygiene and sanitation kits, food packages and emergency shelters.

PDA has been providing assistance in Iraq since 2014 when a Presbyterian church in Baghdad flooded. In 2015, PDA assisted with the Kirkuk Farmer Family Summer Assistance program. This program provided generators, fans, coolers and refrigerators to over 1,000 farmers and families in villages outside of Kirkuk that were overrun by ISIL.

Most recently in 2016, PDA has provided funds to the National Evangelical Protestant Church in Baghdad, Iraq for a generator. The national electricity supply is low and the voltage fluctuates, causing damage to air conditioners. Summer temperatures in Iraq can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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