Host Site Coordinator: Michael Ratto

Contact: 530-534-0354



Address: 2350 Foothill Blvd. Oroville, CA 95966

Presbytery: North Central California Presbytery

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Work Partner: Hope Crisis Recovery Network

Disaster: Paradise Wildfire

Cost: $12.50 per person per night 

Sleeping Accommodations: We have 20 cots located in our fellowship hall. You will need to supply your own bedding in the form of sleeping bag or other bedding of your choice, pillow and towels.

Shower: mobile shower unit contiguous to the Fellowship Hall.  The mobile unit has 3 individual rooms for showers, they are not gender designated. 

Kitchen: A commercial kitchen is available for your use.  It is equipped with coffee maker, professional stove and oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, dishwasher, ice-maker, utensils, dishware and flatware.  The kitchen is available for your use in preparing your meals.  Preparing the meals and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen following usage. You may want to consider, as a part of your group, a person or persons who would be responsible for food procurement, preparation and clean up should you wish to fully utilize our kitchen. You may choose to dine at any of a number of restaurants or “Fast Food” places in Oroville.  There are a number of locations that provide take out and there are some limited delivery places. 

Other Amenities: 

  • Laundry: a washer and dryer have recently been installed so that groups may use it during their stay.

About the church: Oroville, California is at the northern end of the gold country and among the treasures are, to mention just a couple, a diverse community and the major attraction----Lake Oroville. For years Oroville Presbyterian met to share in worship and love for God and Jesus Christ. By the 1950's a committee of 13 was formed with the purpose, goal and task of building the church. February 1959, the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Oroville, California was founded with 61 charter members and had even purchased 4 1/2 acres on Foothill Boulevard for our home. By 1964 the new church building was ready and services began. In 1980 and again in 1987 the campus was expanded the latter due to a fire and this resulted in the addition of the new Fellowship Hall and Kitchen. We are an active church of very caring folks.

About the disaster: November 8, 2018, folks in Paradise were waking up, getting ready to go to work when it was noticed, Smoke!  Smoke and fire coming up the canyon in the early morning hours driven by winds was to become known as the Campfire, it roared into Paradise.  People had little time and very few ways to get out ahead of the flames. Most made it, 85 did not and the Campfire became the deadliest wild fire in California history.  Without hesitation the town of Paradise became a pile of ash and by the end of it all 18,804 buildings, innumerable vehicles, animals, uncounted out buildings, infrastructure, a ton of memories and life as the residents of Paradise had enjoyed, all destroyed in just a matter of hours.

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