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Share your story!

We invite those who have been blessed by the work of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to share your story.  Whether you are a volunteer who served through a PDA-related disaster recovery work site, a homeowner who worked alongside volunteers or received assistance, a volunteer hosting congregation, or a presbytery or other organization who has been involved with disaster recovery efforts – we want to hear from you!

By submitting your story, you are giving permission for PDA to share it with others.  Often this is on facebook and the web site, but also sometimes in printed resources or with others who would like to encourage mission.  PDA gives appropriate credit for submitted materials.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Were you a homeowner or someone who received assistance?  A volunteer on a work team or at a hosting site?  A mid-council responding to a disaster in your area?  A partner organization?  Other?

How were you impacted by the work of PDA?  Where did you see God at work to bring hope out of chaos?  Tell us about your experience.

Do you have photographs that you would be willing to share with PDA?  Please email them to PDA@pcusa.org.  Thank you!

How can we contact you for further information?


Volunteer team members, please also include this information with your story.

Thank you for sharing your story!  If additional space is needed, please email your story to PDA@pcusa.org.

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