In moments of anxiety and concern dear God, we remember the story of your son Jesus in the middle of a storm at sea.  We remember his powerful words that stopped the storm and brought peace.  But we also remember the disciples full of fear, impatiently approaching Jesus.  Today, in the same way, we approach you God, with our own fears and anxieties.  Today we need to hear those words of peace again.  Peace not only in the face of the coming storm, but also peace for our anguished souls.

We pray for the countries that have already been impacted and those that are in the path of this hurricane. For the communities that do not have the resources to protect themselves and mitigate the damages of this storm and seek refuge in other places or remain in their homes taking care of what little they have. Hold them in your peace, in the hope of knowing that You are in control and that nothing can separate them from your love. Keep them in the palm of your hand.  Like the hen that covers her chicks, may your wings protect them.

Provide wisdom and discernment to local authorities, volunteer organizations and response agencies, so that we can best assist all affected and vulnerable people.  Move us so that our actions are prompt and effective.  May we be instruments of your grace and care and may we all also find strength and peace in You.

God, as this storm passes, may your Spirit move as it did in the beginning, bringing order to chaos, peace in anxiety and hope for the future.  Our faith is in You, confident that this is your land and we are Your people. Your children, today more than ever, need your protection and provision, that you listen to them and watch over them. May Your grace be manifested and Your love abound. May they see in You a God who is greater than any fear and storm, a God who never abandons his people.  Our faith is in You.  By the mercy of Christ, we pray.  Amen


Rev. Edwin González-Castillo, PDA Director



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