God of our life, whose presence sustains us in every circumstance,

After the fury of waters and wind, across the quieter waves of our neighboring sea,

 we turn our eyes to our neighbors in Puerto Rico who in the storm’s wake continue to suffer

We cry, mercy!  for those whose lives are changed forever by ravages of wind and water


 We pray for solace, sustenance, and strength

     in the months and years of recovery that lie ahead.

 For courage to face enormous challenges,

     relief and respite from urgent need with an outpouring of care as the world responds

     comfort and the hope of peace for those who grieve the loss of family, home, and safety,

     and faith to walk on through this valley of shadows.


May we, who watch, and pray, and respond,

   see in their faces, Your face.  

May we not turn away from suffering,

       nor forget their needs when the seasons turn

May we be steadfast in Love, stronger than death,

    and thus, with those whose lives we seek to sustain,

    together bear witness to Your redeeming Love.

In the name of Christ the Healer we pray,  amen.


The Rev. Dr. Laurie A Kraus,

Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance


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