A Little Bit of Salt

LEONI ("The God of Abraham Praise")


A little bit of salt will quickly show its worth;

A little bit of faithfulness will change the earth.

God, make us worth our salt— a church that’s glad to be

The change that you desire in each community.


A lamp that’s in a house gives safety, warmth and light;

It’s set upon a table where it shines so bright.

God, make your church a light that bravely takes a stand

To bring your love and justice into all the land.


A garden is a place where so much beauty grows,

Where flowers bloom and food is raised and water flows.

When worship leads us out to care for the oppressed,

O God, you say we’re like a garden at its best.


When worship leads us out to love and serve the poor,

To welcome in the immigrant* at our own door,

O God, then we’ll be called “repairers of the breach,”

And we your church will be “restorers of the streets.”


It’s tempting to remain well-hidden, quiet, bland—

Yet, God, you make us salt and light to change this land.

You send us out to love, to build and to repair,

Till peace and justice flourish here and everywhere.


* “refugee” can be used instead of “immigrant”


Biblical References:  Matthew 5:13-16; 25:31-46; Isaiah 58:1-12

Tune: Traditional Hebrew melody.

Text: Copyright © 2017 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.

Email: bcgillette@comcast.net  New Hymns: www.carolynshymns.com

Permission is given for free use of this hymn to churches helping refugees and immigrants.

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