This Bible study on Disaster Preparedness was written by Rev. Joan LeRoy Abell. 


A disaster is any event that threatens our security and our daily lives. What is disastrous for one person may differ for another. In this study, we will not focus on individual disasters but on the communal disaster that disrupts a larger group of people. A disaster may be caused by natural forces, human error, or evil events. We will consider the effects of fear, the roles of faith and community, and a faithful response to rebuilding people’s lives. It is our faith that informs how we deal with disaster.

Our faith not only strengthens us and gives us hope; it also shapes how we help others rebuild and experience that hope. We are often empowered when we share our fears within the context of community. As a leader, it is important to be sensitive and supportive but not to avoid the emotion that may be stirred in the participants. This study is designed for churches, sessions, disaster planning committees, and presbyteries. Portions of it may be helpful for individuals experiencing personal tragedy.

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