two volunteers, wearing helmets and using hand saw

— Eric Valentine, Presbytery of Eastern Oregon

"The Presbytery of Eastern Oregon is a dynamic group of churches, located in vastness of the far eastern side of Oregon. Most of our fifteen member team drove at least four hours to reach the Portland airport to fly to Birmingham. We looked forward to sharing Christ's love as His hands and feet at our Habitat site replacing a home destroyed by the 2011 tornado. Our team quickly coalesced into a supportive, sharing group as we prepared meals together, worked at the job site, and performed all the miscellaneous unanticipated chores that arose.

"Our labor on the Habitat house was not an abstract task. Rather, it was exceptionally personal as we met Mary. She was born, raised, and married all within about a quarter mile of this house we were rebuilding for her. Her joy, gratitude, and life story deepened our sense of purpose and opened our eyes to the multiple ways the Lord blesses all of us."

Thank you, Eric Valentine, for sharing your story of hope.


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