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As we have completed our last trip to N.J. for the year 2014, I thought it would be appropriate to review what we have accomplished during the past two years.  We took our first work trip in Dec. 2012 with 9 people for a week of work.  Just two weeks ago we took our 21st trip to New Jersey.  Nineteen of those trips have been to Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church, our home away from home, while during the other two trips we were housed in two locations in Toms River.

Lend A Hand has been blessed to have had a total of 361 volunteers travel with us over the course of the two years.  Of that number, 212 returned for multiple trips. 

The Dutiful Dozen with the most visits are:

  1.  Nelson Lewis - 12
  2. George Elliott - 10
  3. Leroy Zeigler - 9
  4. Jim Davis - 9
  5. Bob Keefer - 9
  6. Deb Davis - 8
  7. Bill Charron - 8
  8. Phyllis Schell - 7
  9. Walter Koob - 6
  10. Russ Weer - 5
  11. Lydia Fehr -5
  12. Ron Flory - 5

The 361 volunteers represented 53 churches from 9 different denominations.  Volunteers from 25 Presbyterian churches led the way.  We also had volunteers from Lutheran, Methodist, Assembly of God, Church of God, Roman Catholic, Brethren in Christ, UCC, and independent Christian churches.  This work has truly been an ecumenical effort.

As to how many hours were involved over that period of time, the total is an amazing 12,927 1/2.  If we were to figure labor cost at $27 (which I know is probably low) it would come to close to $350,000 in labor costs.

One final number to throw out.  The number of homes we have worked on over this two year period is 96!  Simply amazing.  Thank you to all who contributed both physically and financially and we hope you will continue to help in the future. 

Lend A Hand Steering Committee
Lend A Hand is a mission of the Presbytery of Carlisle


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