— Photo by Geraldine Dalton

"One of the goals adopted by the youth of Logan Presbyterian Church fits perfectly with the church's mission statement of 'living out Christ's love in the world.' The youth meetings are used to discuss ways in which they can share and assist others in the home, school, community and throughout the world. The Youth Organization has taken an active part in 'clean the church projects' as well as finding ways to assist younger children and senior citizens. The organization has made the youth aware of how the economy and catastrophic events have impacted the lives of people, locally, nationally and around the world. It has helped them to be more appreciative of what they have and not to take what they have for granted.

"This awareness motivated the youth to show their appreciation through actions, not just words. They did this by becoming involved with the Gifts of the Heart Kit ministry. The youth asked members of the congregation for donations to purchase items needed to complete the Hygiene Kit for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

"On November 18, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, members of the congregation consisting of young children, youth and adults came together and assembled 91 kits. Tables were filled with items and an assembly line was formed. Mrs. Annie Parker, one of the oldest members of the church, worked diligently to assemble the kits. God has blessed Logan Presbyterian Church as we strive to live out Gods love in the world."

Thank you to Logan's youth for showing Christ's love in action.

Story by Faye Rucker, Logan Presbyterian Church, Scotts, North Carolina


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