Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church in Ohio held VBS in June 2011.  Erika shares with us,

"For the nightly VBS offering, we wanted to find a project that would be kids helping kids.  Our Outreach Team had promoted the Gift of the Heart Clean Up Buckets to our congregation after all the devastating tornadoes in the south and Missouri. But, that wasn't necessarily kids helping kids, so our VBS team decided we would make the Gift of the Heart School Kits for children.

"Our goal was to raise enough money to make 10 kits (we estimated the cost at $150). After the first three nights of VBS, the kids had raised $150 exactly. So, we made them a challenge for the fourth night to raise an additional $50. The kids really got into it and Thursday evening we had kids walking in with sandwich baggies of coins and saying phrases like "I emptied my piggy bank." It was really amazing to see these young children (age 4 - 6th grade) get behind this project. On the last night, the kids raised an additional $185 dollars. VBS Volunteers were amazed.

"We had some ladies in the congregation come forward to make the cloth bags at no cost. So, we were able to buy enough supplies to make 33 kits. Our Cool Christian Kids for Christ (CKFC) Youth Group (grade 4th - 6th) then assembled the bags to be shipped. They really enjoyed assembling the kits and knowing they were helping other children. It was a great service project for them to do."

Thank you to the children, youth and adults at Fredericksburg who worked together to share the love of Christ through this ministry.


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