Trinity Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho, heard about Gift of the Heart Kits from a sister church in Boise. Barbara Campbell shares their story:

"Our Mission Committee started these projects in the Spring of 2010 as a “hands on” local project for our Church members during our 'Inside Out' weekends in May and August 2010. These are weekends in which our Church members focus on being the Church rather than going to Church. Members had the option of working on several local projects to help the community. We had assembling these gift of the heart kits on site at Trinity for members who wanted to be at Church on the Sunday morning of the project. (There were no services on these Sundays; members were encouraged to go out and serve instead.)

"Assembling the final kit was just one aspect of the project. We had to start about six weeks before the assembly date publicizing our efforts and indicating items we needed. Our wonderful Church secretary helped with this part of the project. Each Sunday in our bulletin, we indicated what we needed and progress towards our goal. I had to do some motivational speaking from the pulpit once or twice to explain the importance of these projects. People responded very well and contributed their cash, or specific items needed, and their time. We were very pleased with the outcome because we had an overwhelming response to all the kits.

"Since May, 2010, we completed the following projects:

  • Hygiene Kits, May 2010 (approx. 75-100)
  • Blankets for Babies, Aug. 2010 (approx. 50-75)
  • School Kits, May 2011 (approx. 85)

"We had such a response to the school kits that we are sending another shipment (about 25 more) this week. These are kits that our children from our VBS put together as a Mission Project.

Many groups at Trinity participated in this mission, including the colorful bags for school kits sewn by some talented seamstresses in the congregation."

Thank you to the Trinity congregation for continuing in this ministry.


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