Lord, all around us the waters are rising.

I feel so helpless, for I cannot stop the rain from falling or the waters from rising.

I feel so powerless, for the current is strong and my body is tired.

I feel so empty, for our possessions are floating away or anchored in the muddy water.

Lord, all around us the waters are rising.

Grant me your strength, since mine is somewhere downstream.

Grant me your patience, since mine is drowning.

Grant me your perspective, since my loss is in replaceable things, not irreplaceable grace.

Give me eyes to see how precious your gifts are: family and friends, faith and mercy.

And Lord, when the waters rise around me in my spirit, and my faith and hope are swept downstream, help me to remember how you got me through this flood.

In Your Son's name. Amen.

Prayer written by The Rev. John G. Hamilton, FPC, Rochelle, Ill.

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