This page contains training materials and resources for PDA-certified PW Trainers for disaster preparation in mid councils and churches.

Trainer Tools

Trainer Applications


Trainer Tools

Opening Devotion and Prayer

A Tornado Story

1 PW DP Disaster 101 (.ppt) 

1A PW DP Script for Disaster 101 

2 PW DP What is PDA (.ppt)   

2A PW DP Script for What is PDA 

3PW DP Disaster Preparedness (.ppt) 

3A PW DP Script for Disaster Preparedness 

Preparedness 1-hr PowerPoint

Preparedness 1-hr Script

Preparedness 3-hr PowerPoint

Preparedness 3-hr Script

Congregational Disaster Plan Template

Community Disaster Risk Assessment

Safety Resources

Preparedness for Pandemics

PW DP List of Needs to Have for the Training

PW DP Photos to be printed for Tabletop (.ppt)

PW DP Training Agenda Instructor Notes

PW DP Training Short Agenda no times

PW DP Training Short Agenda with times

PDA Video Resources

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Trainer Applications

PW DP Application

PW DP Intro Letter

PW DP Trainer Requirements

PW DP Reference Form

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How to Use these Resources

Sample Presbytery and Church Plans

Family and Congregational Preparedness and Disaster Response Resources


PW DP Template with Header

PW DP Disaster Contact Info

The Original 9.15.14 Proposal PDA PW Disaster Prep Training on Letterhead

PDA PW Blank Slides (.ppt)

Safe Church Emergency Action Plan

PW-DP report template 7.21.15

Some Thoughts on Resistance to Disaster Prep

PDA PW Promotion (.ppt) This PowerPoint can be used to advertise your presentations 

Community Disaster Risk Assessment 

Resources for Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Mid Councils

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Congregations

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Families

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