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— Growing Hope Globally

Millions of people around the world struggle to provide basic food staples for their families. Many of the regions have been affected by drought, flooding, or other disasters, and in some regions of the world, the situation is critical. One way PDA addresses food crises is through Growing Hope Globally (GHG).

Modeled after the successful Canadian Foodgrains Bank, GHG was established with the commitment that food is a basic right and that God intends for all to have enough to eat.

GHG is focused on farmers and farming communities who set aside acreage to be used for growing projects; when harvested, the crops are sold and the proceeds given to promote programs of hunger relief and sustainable agriculture in countries of need.

In the United States

grain being loaded into semi truckPresbyterians in the United States are invited to partner with faith-based, civic, farming, urban or business communities and participate in a growing project. These growing projects generate funds to support overseas programs of hunger relief, sustainable agriculture and food security. Projects have included grains, livestock, bees and more.  
Example: An urban-based congregation might offer its financial gift to purchase seeds, while a farmer dedicates a field for the growing project, and members of other congregations participate in harvesting the produce. All proceeds are given towards an international FRB project. The funds can be designated by the U.S. participants to be used in a specific country or to be used where most needed.


four women pour food into a collecting containerOverseas programs support families in countries where natural or human-caused disaster has impacted food security. GHG projects “help people help themselves” through creating sustainable smallholder food production systems. These might include training, locally acquired or constructed seed, tools, water wells and reservoirs, drip irrigation, or animals — whatever is most helpful to the communities working toward producing their own food.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is the lead on a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where PC(USA) partners are working to strengthen local capacity and build resilience.  PDA also supports the GHG ministry as it implements other projects around the world.


Photos on this page: Crops harvested in an Illinois growing project photo by Debbie Dennis; women in Democratic Republic of Congo photo by GHG.




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