PDA responding to the water crisis in Flint Michigan.

In 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan switched from water provided by the city of Detroit, to water drawn from the Flint River.  Unfortunately, the Flint River had a reputation of being unclean, and after complaints from residents, Virginia Tech researchers found the water was highly corrosive. The corrosive water caused lead to leach from lead pipes into the water supply causing the current crisis.

In October, PDA contacted the Presbytery of Lake Huron to see how we could be of assistance. At that time we learned that First Presbyterian Church in Flint  was providing bottled water to some schools in the area.

With the Federal Emergency Declaration announced on Jan. 16, additional government funds are available to the city of Flint and its residents, but this assistance will cover only approximately 75% of the costs. The need for a compassionate response, thus, remains.

We recently received a request from the Presbytery for a grant to help with this crisis and One Great Hour of Sharing funds will be provided to fill that request for assistance. PDA is also looking into providing filters for showers since bathing in the water is also a concern. 


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