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T-shirt worn by a camp attendee — Sue Renault

Camps as Places for Helping Youth Affected by Disaster/Trauma

The special ministry of spiritual care following a disaster isn’t so much about the things it does or the services it provides. It is about helping disaster–affected people by being with them — listening, laughing, and occasionally crying — as disaster survivors tell their story. It is about helping people drawn on their own emotional and spiritual resources in the midst of their pain.

Camps can be amazingly effective places of healing for survivors of school violence, natural disaster, traumas of all sizes, or more chronic trauma such as experienced by children of homeless families, children of parents in prison, etc. Ferncliff Camp (Arkansas) has conducted many such camps and has worked with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) to forge a network of healing camps.

Read a reflection and story by Sue Renault, National Response Team (NRT) member and participant at the April 2015 Ferncliff Healing Camp.


Come and get ideas for how your camp/retreat center might be a partner in healing at the Big Tent.

Attend the workshop Camps as Places for Helping Youth Affected by Disaster/Trauma. The workshop is being held Friday, July 31 (1:30-2:30 p.m.)

NOTE:  A Pre-conference event on Trauma Crisis Counseling is being held for pastors, leaders, and other responders/caregivers. 




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