“Trouble the Water: Conversations to Disrupt Racism and Dominance” is a documentary series designed to facilitate conversation and engagement around the issues of race and racism.

This project is the result of the collaboration across two Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) agencies and several offices and initiatives as well as responding to General Assembly actions.

To sign up for this documentary series, click here. You will be contacted via email and receive links to preview and download each full episode in addition to a PDF discussion guide.

Episode 1: Why us? Why now?

Why is this conversation on racism and dominance so urgent now? What steps can we take together in this movement for systemic change and justice?

Episode 2: Whiteness

What is Whiteness? What is white supremacy? How are we complicit in supporting and perpetuating systems of oppression and privilege? How can we begin to disrupt these systems?


Episode 3: Racial Identity

What is the social construct of “race” and where did these categories come from? Why is exploring one’s own racial identity important? Why is it important for white people to do the hard work of understanding their own racial identity? How do systems impact and form our identity?

Episode 4: Intersectionality and Disruption

What is Intersectionality and whom does it impact? How does it impact people differently? What does intersectionality have to do with justice? What is dominance and white supremacy? How do we recognize it and how can we respond? How can we disrupt these systems of dominance in our everyday life?


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