Man wades through flood waters with boat full of sand bags

A man wades through flood waters pulling a boat full of sandbags — Steve Zumwalt - FEMA


In a series of extreme weather conditions, the South Central U.S. has experienced continued flooding and storm damage. The Sabine River, which forms part of the border between Texas and Louisiana, crested in several areas, along with the Red River among others. Texas especially is struggling with one storm after another since May 2015. According to National Response Team (NRT) member Jim Ellor, who lives in TX, "Houston has been going through a five-month cycle of flooding. When they think they're ready for long-term recovery work, they have to go back to square one because of another flood."

PDA Response

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is working with impacted mid councils in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi to bring God’s hope and healing to all affected by flooding. Gifts from One Great Hour of Sharing are helping Presbyterian congregations as they reach out to their affected communities to provide emergency items like water, food and other urgent supplies to neighbors in need. Members of the PDA National Response Team (NRT) will be helping with assessments, connecting with long-term recovery groups, and serving as a present witness of the larger church during this difficult time. 

PDA has deployed several NRT teams to assess needs and offer a ministry of presence in the affected areas, including multiple presbyteries in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. As of early June, twelve Church Damage grants have been approved and sent to churches affected by these storms. More deployments are issued as needed and when it is safe to do so. 


The needs for the response are great. God’s people are once again called on to stand in the “GAP”—Give. Act. Pray.

Stories of hope


Telling the Story of Hope

In PDA, we see the love of Christ at work through the actions of volunteer work teams, through the ministry of those offering hospitality and helping their communities to recover, and in the lives of survivors. Those who participate in disaster recovery ministry tell their stories as a witness to God’s transformational power. Read
Stories of Hope

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