volunteers hammering insulation to side of house

— Photo by Chris Lieberman

Situation Overview

Superstorm Sandy struck the United States on October 29, 2012, affecting 24 states and causing more than 100 deaths and an estimated $64 billion in damage.  New Jersey and New York were particularly hard hit.

Our Response

Response to the superstorm will be long-term.  During the first year of response, Gift of the Heart Kits and CWS blankets valued at more than $1 million were provided for survivors; and more than 1,000 people participated in nine “Recovery Tools and Training” workshops in New Jersey, New York, West Virginia and Connecticut.

As of May 2014,  233 work teams consisting of 3,892 volunteers have served in response to Superstorm Sandy, helping families with clean-up and rebuilding efforts.  17 PDA-related hosting sites are currently serving communities in New York and New Jersey.

logoIn addition to your One Great Hour of Sharing and generous designated gifts to help with this response, the American Red Cross is also supporting our hospitality work related to Superstorm Sandy.  Read about the generous ARC grant.

Stories of hope


The New Jersey Shore

Following Rosedale Presbyterian Church’s volunteer mission in New Jersey, Jim Davis shared a reflection from his first mission trip.  Working from sun up to sun down all week, the team also shared in a ministry of presence.

“Talking with residents on the street, it was easy to recognize the freshness of the storm in their minds, as they were easily persuaded to share their own stories of the storm and the resulting floods.” Read The New Jersey Shore 2014.


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