Flooded roadway

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is responding to the severe flooding in South Carolina and all mid councils in the state have requested the presence of PDA National Response Team (NRT) members to help with assessments, long term recovery planning and simply being a present witness of the larger church during this difficult time. 16 counties in South Carolina have been declared for individual assistance more are possible. As of Thursday, October 8, 170 roads and 130 bridges remained closed.

We are thankful for Presbyterian congregations in the area that are helping their communities. Lake Murrray Presbyterian Church  in Chapin, South Carolina and the Forest Lake Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina have opened their facilities to serve flood survivors.

We are in a time of of waiting until the floodwaters recede and needs are identified before volunteer work teams can be used. For now we are asking teams to leave their contact information with the PDA Call Center  or (866) 732-6121.

In addition to prayer, congregations can be involved in is making Gift of the Heart kits. All of the kits at the Ferncliff Presbyterian Camp warehouse have been requested to help with flood relief efforts. Please prayerfully consider helping restock the warehouse. Information on making kits can be found on the PDA website

The needs from the flooding will be great; gifts to the designated U.S. Flooding account – DR000191 are requested.

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Telling the Story of Hope

In PDA, we see the love of Christ at work through the actions of volunteer work teams, through the ministry of those offering hospitality and helping their communities to recover, and in the lives of survivors. Those who participate in disaster recovery ministry tell their stories as a witness to God’s transformational power. Read
Stories of Hope

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