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Over the past week, the earth has shaken. On Saturday night the coast of Ecuador was rocked by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. This came on the heels of two separate earthquakes in Japan, the first measuring 6.2 on the scale; the second, 7.0.

As aftershocks continue to threaten, already more than 500 lives have been lost. Thousands of other people have been injured, and communities lie in ruins. 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is working in collaboration with our partner the ACT (Action by Churches Together) Alliance to respond to this crisis, providing support to those suffering in the aftermath. As our immediate response takes shape, PDA is also preparing for long-term support for both Ecuador and Japan. Long after the initial wave of relief recedes, PDA will remain to accompany the people of Ecuador and Japan as they rebuild their lives, walking the road out of this chaos with hope. 

Stand in the GAP for the people of Japan and Ecuador as you Give, Act, and Pray

Download the bulletin insert for response to the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador in black and white

Download the bulletin insert for response to the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador (color)

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